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Are you looking for the top financial influencers on Instagram? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most influential personalities in the finance industry who are dominating the Instagram scene. From personal finance tips to investment strategies, these influencers offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the world of finance.

Instagram has become a hub for influencers across various niches, and finance is no exception. In fact, financial influencers on Instagram have gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to their ability to connect with a wide audience and provide valuable insights. Whether you’re looking for budgeting advice, investment tips, or money management strategies, these influencers have got you covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow these top financial influencers on Instagram for expert advice and tips.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and insights in the finance industry.
  • Engage with the influencers and ask questions to enhance your financial knowledge.
  • Consider collaborating with these influencers to reach a wider audience for your financial products or services.
  • Take advantage of the valuable resources and content shared by these influencers to improve your financial well-being.

Tori Dunlap – Empowering Women in Personal Finance

Tori Dunlap is a finance influencer whose mission is to empower women in personal finance. With her engaging content and practical advice, Tori has built a following of 26,911,980 across social media platforms. Her expertise in finance, combined with her passion for promoting financial empowerment among women, has made her a trusted source of information for her followers.

Tori Dunlap - Empowering Women in Personal Finance

Tori’s content covers a wide range of personal finance topics, from negotiating salary to paying off debt and building savings. She provides actionable tips and strategies that enable women to take control of their financial lives. Her approachable and relatable style resonates with her audience, making complex financial concepts more accessible and easier to understand.

One of Tori’s key messages is the importance of financial independence for women. She encourages her followers to set financial goals, break free from debt, and invest in their futures. Tori believes that by empowering women in personal finance, a ripple effect can be created, transforming not only their lives but also their families and communities.

Tori Dunlap’s Impact on Women in Finance

Tori Dunlap’s influence extends beyond her online presence. She is a vocal advocate for women’s financial empowerment and has been featured in various publications and media outlets. Through her speaking engagements, workshops, and mentorship programs, Tori continues to inspire and educate women on the importance of financial literacy and independence.

Number of Followers, Likes, and SubscribersEngagement RateEarnings per Sponsored Post

As a finance influencer, Tori Dunlap has cemented her place as a respected voice in the industry. Her dedication to empowering women in personal finance and providing valuable advice has made her a go-to resource for financial guidance. Through her work, Tori continues to break down barriers and inspire women to take control of their financial futures.

Taylor Price – Gen-Z Financial Activist

Taylor Price, a Gen-Z financial activist, is making waves in the finance world with their engaging content and passionate advocacy for financial literacy. With a total of 21,908,968 followers, likes, and subscribers across various social media platforms, Taylor has established themselves as a prominent finance influencer.

Taylor Price - Gen-Z Financial Activist

Taylor’s content covers a wide range of finance topics, from practical tips on managing personal finances to in-depth analysis of investment strategies. They offer valuable advice on navigating credit scores, exploring the world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and understanding the financial landscape for Gen-Z.

As a Gen-Z financial activist, Taylor brings a fresh perspective to the often complex world of finance. They break down daunting concepts into digestible and relatable content that resonates with their audience. Whether it’s discussing the impact of student loans on young adults or debunking common misconceptions about investing, Taylor empowers their followers to take control of their financial future.

With their vibrant personality and dedication to financial education, Taylor Price is a force to be reckoned with in the finance influencer space. Their engagement rate of 5.67% reflects the genuine connection they have with their audience, making them an attractive choice for brands looking to collaborate with a finance influencer.

Steve – The Financial Freedom Coach

Steve, also known as the Financial Freedom Coach, is a renowned finance influencer with a total of 15,101,585 followers, likes, and subscribers across various social media platforms. His expertise lies in personal finance, and he aims to educate and empower individuals to take control of their financial future.

As a financial influencer, Steve covers a wide range of topics, including investment strategies, savings tips, budgeting techniques, and debt management. Through his content, he provides practical advice and actionable steps to help his followers achieve financial freedom and build wealth.

One of Steve’s key areas of focus is investment. He emphasizes the importance of understanding different investment options and creating a diversified portfolio. Steve helps his audience navigate the complex world of stocks, bonds, real estate, and other investment vehicles, providing insights and analysis to make informed decisions.

In addition to investment guidance, Steve also emphasizes the significance of savings. He encourages his followers to adopt a disciplined savings habit and offers tips on how to optimize savings, reduce expenses, and build an emergency fund. By highlighting the benefits of saving, Steve helps individuals develop a strong financial foundation.

financial freedom coach

Steve’s approachable and relatable style has earned him a loyal following. His passion for personal finance shines through in his content, and his dedication to helping others achieve financial success is evident. Through his expertise and guidance, Steve continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journey towards financial freedom.


In conclusion, the world of finance influencers on Instagram is filled with top-notch individuals who provide valuable insights and expert money-management tips. These influencers have amassed large followings and boast significant engagement rates, solidifying their authority in the finance industry. Brands looking to reach a wide audience and promote their products or services can leverage the influence of these finance influencers.

With the ongoing growth of influencer marketing, it is clear that these individuals will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry. Their expertise in personal finance and their ability to connect with their followers make them key players in spreading financial knowledge and empowering individuals to take control of their finances.

Whether you’re looking for guidance on saving, investing, or understanding the latest trends in cryptocurrencies, these finance influencers on Instagram have got you covered. They provide actionable advice and practical tips that cater to a wide range of financial goals and aspirations. By following these top financial influencers, you can stay informed, motivated, and empowered on your personal finance journey.

FAQ Top Financial Influencers on Instagram

Who is the most popular finance influencer on Instagram?

According to a study conducted by Investingoal, Humphrey Yang is the most popular finance influencer on Instagram.

What topics does Humphrey Yang focus on?

Humphrey Yang’s content focuses on personal finance topics such as savings and tax credit tips.

How many followers does Tori Dunlap have?

Tori Dunlap has a total of 26,911,980 followers, likes, and subscribers across social media platforms.

What is Tori Dunlap known for?

Tori Dunlap is known for her empowering content aimed at women in personal finance.

What topics does Taylor Price discuss?

Taylor Price discusses various finance topics such as improving credit scores, analyzing celebrity investments, and exploring cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

How many followers does Steve have?

Steve, also known as the Financial Freedom Coach, has a total of 15,101,585 followers, likes, and subscribers across social media platforms.

What does Steve teach people about?

Steve is dedicated to teaching people about personal finance, including investing, saving, taxes, and more.

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